Why hire a DJ when I can use my IPOD / have my friend DJ?
An IPOD, pre-arranged playlist or friend with limited experience cannot cater to the idiosyncrasies of a particular crowd, especially in Bournemouth. With the access to music people have nowadays, people are extremely selective about the music they would like played at their events. Everyone on the planet knows at least some of the popular dance songs; the trick is to be able to take crowds places beyond the standard fare and knowing when to play them.
There are a lot of considerations if you decide to bring an IPOD and rent speakers – do you have a backup system (just in case)? Are you insured? Can you keep people dancing for 3 or 4 hours? Do you have an enormous selection of music to draw on (just in case)?
What an experienced DJ brings to the table that an IPOD cannot is when to shift gears, when to take the music back a little and be able to keep people dancing all night. An IPOD has no way of knowing who is on the dance floor and what be-bop song should be played next. This takes years to master and the last thing one would want at their event is 300 people who stop dancing and are staring at the IPOD in the corner while someone scrolls through the 500 songs trying to find something good. Often times this is the point in the night when people realize they shouldn’t have cut corners with the one thing that makes an event a true party, the DJ.
What sets you apart from other DJs in the area?
We are different from the majority of DJs in the Bournemouth area in that we strive to select the best music from all over the world, whether it’s Funky House, Salsa, Jazz, Reggae, R & B, Hip Hop, Afro-beats, or anything else you can think of, we aim to select only the best specific tracks in any particular genre.
We are extremely versatile, having performed at a wide variety of events in Dorset from birthdays, fashion shows to black tie affairs and weddings.
Further, we possess a high degree of professionalism in our approach to handling all aspects of a client’s event – from planning to set-up to performance to take-down – ensuring that everything will go off without a hitch. We actively listen to the music we play, so we are familiar with it, ensuring that the best song choices are made throughout the entire flow of the client’s event.
Another aspect that sets us apart is we take extreme care to make the event flow smoothly and not be “in the way” throughout the course of an event. Our number one priority is satisfying our clients by playing every type of music they want to hear, and to ensure that we are hired to please them musically by keeping people happy and dancing.
Finally, our rates are very affordable, and discounts are available for our services.
Are you insured?
Yes we have a comprehensive insurance policy. If your venue requires a copy of our policy we will be happy to provide one.
What happens if a DJ becomes sick?
If a DJ is unable to perform at a client’s event, there will be a back-up ready. At every event we always have a standby DJ in case of any eventualities.
What kinds of music do you play?
Almost any kind you can think of! Each event is different and we custom tailor playlists for each event depending on the client’s wishes and the crowd.
How much advance notice does a client need to book an event?
Normally, 3-4 months is the standard booking time frame. However, larger events and events on popular event dates may need additional notice. Often we can accommodate last minute bookings, please contact us here.
Do you use records or CDs?
We have an extensive musical library, available on MP3. While we miss the vinyl and CDs, we no longer lug our crates of records to events.
There are so many DJ companies out there, why should I hire Bournemouth Mobile DJ?
Because we are a small outfit, we are able to provide a level of service and attention unmatched in Bournemouth and environs. With many of the larger (and more expensive) dj companies, the DJs usually are only wedding or bar DJs. One rarely if ever hears them talking about specific music and having a passion for DJing. This is a definite red flag that the DJ may be generic or more interested in the business element. While almost all DJ companies in Bournemouth talk about “not being cheesy”, that doesn’t really tell you much about the kind of music they are good at spinning, other than the same 300 hits every other DJ plays.
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